About Us

Established in 2004, KS Interior, the firm provides dedicated, innovative, and highly professional services with close personal attention to detail. Specialists in Commercial Interiors, we also focus on creative approaches to multi-family and multi-generational housing. we have developed a unique prototype for loft housing using systems built construction. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service and sensitivity to all of our clients, whether not-for-profit or proprietary, small or large, urban or rural. Profile has a lot of experience in architecture, planning and construction that is national in scope, with a particular focus on Commercial Interiors and multi-family housing.

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Our Services

Innovative Design: Our approach focuses on the development of unique, functional design solutions that address the circumstances and needs of each particular client. We marry originality and resourcefulness in our design.

Integrated Design: Our approach achieves an integrated design process and outcome by engaging the multiple design disciplines, as well as owners, users, builders, facility managers, vendors, and operations personnel.

Client focused approach: The needs of our clients are paramount in all planning and design activities. We guide the collaborative process with user-groups, the client, and technical consultants to reflect the true needs of the project in a workable design and implementation plan.

Project Management leadership: Our project management functions presuppose active leadership – taking full accountability for achieving objectives and predetermined targets, and for keeping the project on track. Our approach also favors careful initial planning to avoid both costly changes and the need for reactive “crisis management” as the project evolves.

Team Building: We build commitment and buy-in around critical decisions – involving stakeholders in the discussion and analysis throughout the process, while keeping the project focused and within defined parameters.

Experience: With a vide rage of completed projects in sizes from small to large, we are committed to providing our clients with attractive, flexible, functional, and innovative solutions, illustrated by our work in systems built construction.